How to use Google Trends For SEO Update 2023

How to use Google Trends For SEO Update 2023
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How to use Google Trends For SEO Update 2023

You can now, through this article, get the best ways to use Google trends for search engine optimization and content marketing in 2023, as Google Trends is a very effective tool for keyword research, especially when using advanced search settings that are almost invisible, explore many Google menus and options Trends for Seemingly Unlimited Ways to Learn More About Search Term Traffic You will now be able to learn how to use Google Trends For SEO.

How to use Google Trends For SEO Update 2023

What is Google Trends?

ow to use Google Trends For SEO | Google Trends is a free tool that provides data and graphs on the popularity of specific search terms used on Google and YouTube. Originally introduced in 2006, you can use Google Trends to:

In a keyword search
Search for related words
Explore related topics
Find out what’s popular lately
Identify common topics or subtopics within an industry or an overarching topic
Discover local geo search trends for your area

The importance of using Google Trends For SEO? 

While Google Trends is reliable it does not provide traffic statistics. It displays the number of queries made as a percentage on a scale of 0 to 100. Paid SEO tools, unlike Google Trends, give numbers for keyword traffic volume. These numbers are just rough estimates based on a combination of internet traffic data providers, Google Keyword Planner, quoted search results, and other sources. Lickstream data is often derived from anonymized traffic data collected from users of blocking tools. Special pop-ups, browser plug-ins, and free antivirus software.How to use Google Trends For SEO

How to use Google Trends for SEO

Find search volume trends.
Search for related words.
Search for breakout keywords.
Expose relevant topics for blog and video content.
Search keywords for YouTube videos.
Uncover local search trends.
Discover completely new keyword ideas.
Click on Into LSI Keywords.

How does Google Trends help in SEO?

How to use Google Trends For SEO? When you search for related words, Google Trends shows you these keywords in order of popularity, and will also provide you with the exact search volume increase percentage for each one. Sometimes it will replace % of search volume with the word “Breakout”. This means that the keyword has increased by more than 5000%.

What is the best way to use Google Trends? 

How To Use Google Trends For SEO

4 ways on how to use Google Trends For SEO Update 2023

Compare multiple topics to discover what is popular.
Look at trends over time to find seasonal patterns.
Explore the terms “rise” and “breakout” relevant to your searches.
Zero in a specific area to understand local trends.

How to apply Google Trends for SEO

Google Trends shows a relative depiction of traffic on a scale of 0 to 100. Since the graph is on a scale of zero to one hundred, you can’t tell if the trend reflects hundreds or thousands of keyword searches. Relative numbers may be more useful when Compare it to terms with specific levels of traffic from another search term.

One way is to compare the keyword search volume to the term whose exact traffic you know already, eg through a PPC campaign, if the keyword volume is really high and you don’t have a term to compare, there is another technique to locate a keyword to compare, how much is It is not necessary to associate a keyword to compare. It could be from another industry entirely or even the name of a famous celebrity.

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